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Stevia (Sweet leaf) properties:

-       Can be used by diabetics

-       Is beneficial for people with hypertension

-       Has vasodilator properties

-       Has 7 time more antioxidant properties than Green tea has

-       Is a bactericide and prevents dental caries

-       Combats fungus known as Candida Albicans (vaginitis, etc.)

-       It is a diuretic helping decrease uric acid blood levels

-       Is beneficial for fat absorption, acts as anti-acid and helps digestión

-       Helps controlling fatigue and anxiety

-       Increases resistance to common colds and viral infections

-       - Acts as a scarring agent and bactericide against burns and cuts, etc.

-       In poder form is 250 times sweeter than sugar, as a leaf 30 times sweeter than sugar and in liquid form 70 sweeter than sugar


MORINGA Leaf (Drumstick tree leave) is efficient in controlling :

-   diabetes and cholesterol

-   hypertension, asthma , and common cough symptoms

-   the ageing process and bronchitis

-   liver disease and kidney conditions

-   arthritis and hepatitis

-   the formation of cancerogenous cells

-   anemia and ocular conditions

-   acts as anti-inflammatory and eliminates fungal conditions

-   it has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial effect

-   it has diuretic properties